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What You Can Do To Make Your Partner Orgasm For Real

As an adult, achieving orgasm at the right time is all that makes your sex life enjoyable. However, not many of the relationships can work out well on partners achieving orgasm as they desire. According to professional sexologists, it’s easy for males to achieve orgasm quickly by arousal. However, the rule does not apply to women. Research shows that only less than 10% of women reach orgasm through penetration. However, if you and your partner are in this dramatic situation, you need to worry less. Below are some things you can do to help your partner orgasm for real.

1. Intense foreplay
For men, participating in foreplay may seem a waste of time. However, this is essential for women. As a man, you should consider to caress, touch and kiss her body from one part to another. Make sure to participate in at least 13 minutes of foreplay before making further moves. Intense foreplay will help your woman to reach the climax faster once you get inside. You can consider giving her some erotic massages, or a shower as part of the foreplay.

2. Positive Complements
Sexologists advise that couples should positively complement each other’s body parts. And this applies most to men as they undress their partners. After every kiss, make sure to remove a piece of her cloth and make a positive complement of her body. It’s advisable to make the compliments as a whisper around her ears. A warm undertone by her ears will be an ideal way to send impulses to her mind. With positive compliments, she can let go quickly, keep her excited and waiting for the big part. As a result, she can reach orgasm quickly.

3. Oral Stimulation
Many men believe that they can help their partners reach orgasm through penetrations which is an untrue fact. No matter how much time you’re on, it’s hard to make her achieve orgasm through real sex. As a result, we advise that you practice oral stimulation. Most of the neural tissues locate at the clitoris. Touching the surface of the clitoris with the upper part of your tongues is the perfect way to ensure she reaches orgasm. However, consider doing it the way she wants it to happen as oral sex can be hurting.

4. Use Your Fingers while in Penetration
For most men, it does not take them a long time before they reach orgasm when inside her. As advice to ensure that the two of you reach orgasm, make sure to offer extra stimulation using your fingers or hers. Such an act will help her achieve orgasm faster.

The above are among the best ways you can help your partner reach orgasm quickly when doing sex. Most of them apply to men. Consider putting them into practice and see the difference. You can book service with Eve London escorts to learn more about achieving orgasm.

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